Khulna University (KU) Admission Test Result 2019-20

The admission test of Khulna University was held on November 2, the result of this admission test will be published on November 10. Preparing for the result of this admission test is in progress and you will get the result from the official website of Khulna University, the result will also be published on our site so you can check the result from here also.

Khulna University (KU) Admission Test Result

KU Admission Test Result 2019-2020

This year, around 32,636 students participated in the examination of all the units of the admission test at Khulna University. Khulna University had a total of 1217 original vacancies in all units, and this year around 27 students will fight for each seat. Freedom fighters and tribal quotas are also included in these seats.

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Application Date of Khulna University:

Although the admission test has already been done at Khulna University, its activities started a long time ago. Students had the opportunity to apply for the admission test at Khulna University from September 13 (Sunday) to October 15 (Friday) 2019.

KU A Unit Result 2019-20:

Around 1225 students give the for A unit of Khulna University. The unit’s test will be held from 10:30 am to 12 noon. The subjects under the purview of A unit are the School of Science, Engineering and Technology and the School of Biological Sciences. A unit is limited to only 263 seats.

Khulna University B Unit Admission Result 2019-20:

Khulna University’s B unit has a seat strength of 321 and around 12,533 students have taken the admission test in this unit. Around 39 students will fight each other for each seat in this unit. The subjects under the B unit are the Arts and Humanities School, Social Science School, Law School, and Education School and the unit examinations will be held from 01:30 to 3:00 pm.

Khulna University C Unit Result 2019-20:

Around 4399 students have participated in the C unit and 5 of them did not take the admission test. The subjects under this unit are the School of Management and Business Administration. The unit’s test was conducted from 8 am to 9.30 am.

KU D Unit Exam Result 2019-20:

This is the unit where a minimum number of students have applied and the number is just 50. he seats for this unit are limited to only 20. Around 3 students will fight with each other for each seat. The exam for this unit was conducted from 4 pm to 5 pm. Admission Test Result 2019-20:

Apart from the scheduled seats of Khulna University, this year 2 foreign candidates gave an exam for 20 departments. We have been able to collect this information through the Registrar’s Office and ICT Cell at Lana University. They also mentioned that they did some special arrangements in this year’s admission test.
We hope that this small effort has helped you to know everything about the results of the 2019-20 academic year of Khulna University.

Islamic University (IU) Admission Test Seat Plan 2019-20

The 2019-20 academic year admission test plan by Islamic University has already been published on our site. They have set different formats for all the unit’s seats for the admission test held at their university. You will find detailed information about this seating pattern by visiting their official website

Islamic University (IU) Admission Test Seat Plan 2019

Islamic University Seat Plan 2019

The seat pattern has been published as a PDF file for the unit, you only need to download the seat pattern from their site. If you would like to know all the details about IU Admission Test Seating Plan 2019-20 then collect all the information you want from their official site. You can also see the Admission Test Seating Plan 2019-20 from here

IU A, B, C, D Unit Admission Test Seat Plan 2019-2020:

There are 5 units of Islamic University (IU) in which they will take the admission test in this 2019-20 academic year. A total of 51,442 students are participating in the admission test. According to the University Circular, all those students from the Madrasa or any jails who have appeared in the HSC examination will be eligible to take the admission test. One of the great advantages of taking the exam at this university is that there are special arrangements for the candidates coming from a remote place.

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IU seat plan available below:

Islamic University (IU) Admission Test Seat Plan 2019 - 1

Islamic University (IU) Admission Test Seat Plan 2019 - 2

Islamic University (IU) Admission Test Seat Plan 2019 - 3

Islamic University (IU) Admission Test Seat Plan 2019 - 4

IU Admission Test Seat Plan 2019-20

The Islamic University (IU) is one of the most renowned universities in the country and all the activities of the academic year 2019-2020 are at the receiving end. The admission test will be held within a few days and some young talented students will arrive here. Best wishes to all the students who take part in the admission test at this university. Hope everyone will enjoy a nice test and will move forward with a healthy education system. Immediately after the admission to the Islamic University (IU), we will publish the solutions to all the unit’s questions on this site, so stay tuned.

4 Personality Types Every Leader Should Know How to Recognize

While it’s often drilled into us that we should treat others in the same way that we want to be treated, this doesn’t always apply in management.  Employees all have different personality styles. Understanding these and managing them appropriately will lead to the greatest success.  Situational leadership training focuses on the different personality types and has been taught for over 35 years as a practical framework that works.  Following on from this, we’re going to take a look at four personality types that you should know how to recognize in the workplace.


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1. Analytical

Analytical employees are thoughtful and deep.  They tend to set very high standards for themselves and strive to perform well both professionally and personally.  They’re organized and orderly and also tend to have perfectionist traits.  While this means that they have high levels of self-discipline, analytical employees can also be negative, critical, and moody.  Their perfectionism can manifest as a weakness, and this can lead to conflicts within a team when they believe others aren’t pulling their weight.  It can also lead them to stall progress in order to ensure the job is completed correctly.

2. Driver

Drivers have an active and dynamic personality.  While they exude confidence and are able to motivate those they work with, they’re not very detail orientated and this can lead to issues.  Drivers are, however, great at seeing the big picture.  They are able to imagine the end result and are able to encourage others to help them get there.  With a vision in mind, they’re productive and able to get a lot done.  Because of this, it can be a good idea to pair analytical employees with drivers.  A driver will motivate an analytical worker while the analytical employee will ensure every stage of the project is completed properly.

3. Amiable

Amiable employees are a pleasure to be around.  They’re very well-balanced and patient individuals who have a lot of time and empathy for others.  They can also have quiet traits, and be unwilling to cause conflict.  While this can be positive, it can be negative in some situations, especially if they are unable to speak up when a problem is clear.  Amiable employees are, however, good people to have on your team.  Their diplomatic nature often helps to calm situations and helps everyone to think clearly.

4. Expressive

Finally, we have the expressive personality type.  Expressives are social butterflies who can bring humor to even the darkest situation.  They’re generous people who like to be included and will do anything to help see a project to fruition.  On the positive side, expressive employees can be charismatic and ambitious, however, on the negative, they can also be distracting, disorganized and loud.  This can make them hard to deal with, and this is something that quieter personalities often struggle with.

Recognizing and being able to understand the four different personality types on your team will make leadership a lot easier.

Everything You Need to Do About Digital Marketing


Digital marketing is the promotion of your product as well as service via online or digital channels such as social media platforms. While the Internet has been the most popular and most closely channel. It is associated with digital marketing. While other include mobile apps, mobile instant messaging, electronic billboards, digital television, radio channels, and wireless text messaging.

Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing also involves an organization which uses online channels and experimentation of different methods. It analyzes and understands what digital marketing campaigns are working effectively, what needs improvement, and what needs to change.

Digital Marketing

Nowadays, life can revolve around digital marketing channels.

Digital marketing is only about searching different ways to present the right content and the right ad to the consumer at the right time. People are switching from cable to on-demand shows. Furthermore, It brought to them by digital companies like Netflix.

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Importance of digital marketing

Streaming music has slowly begun to replace the radio. Paying for services there will no longer be advertisements interrupting us. Moreover, to see reviews as well as pictures of a local business, Google Local and Yelp has already replaced Yellow Pages. As a business, you must capture the consumer’s attention to online platforms. As we have so many digital marketing tools as well as channels also, and interaction points, digital marketing can become overwhelming. There are three types of media that marketers use online: paid, owned, and earned.

 Digital marketing course

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Content Marketing (Blogging & Article Writing)
  • Downloadable Content Offerings (eBooks, Whitepapers, Webinars)
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing
  • Video Production
  • Website Design A/B Testing
  • Landing Page Strategy
  • Call-To-Action Strategy
  • Link Building/Earning
  • Infographic Design
  • Marketing Automation
  • Lead Nurture Strategy
  • Public Relations (PR)

Paid media is everything that you have invested in such as Facebook paid ads. It display marketing, and Google Adwords. Owned media are channels has a list of customers that you send e-mails to and a blog with an active readership. Earned media would surround your efforts, your social media accounts, mentions on other blogs, and any articles written by you.

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All of these channels will overlap each other. It is similar to how a user will interact with all three of your channels simultaneously. Together, these all serve as the foundations for digital marketing. Digital marketing is the approach of putting your business in front of a global audience.

If you want to learn each and everything about digital marketing you can join Digital marketing Institute in Delhi. Here you will learn everything about marketing, but if you only want to learn about SEO, then you should go for SEO institutes in Delhi.


SEO company when you search them on Google, Have you ever wondered how websites in the top positions got there?… That’s only because of the excellent search engine optimization or SEO. Do you know how the algorithms work behind search engine optimization is a closely guarded secret? Most of the people tend to think that there’s some magic behind SEO.

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If you want to understand optimization better, you first need to get a general idea of how search engines work. Search engines like Google have a software program which crawls the web by following links. The crawler will arrive at a page, read the code, and stores all the information. Further, The stored data is index. Once Google indexes you, you will be well on your way to ranking. When you enter a search term, Google will rank pages from best to worst. The best pages will often deliver the best content.

Eastern Bank (EBL) Job Circular 2018

“EBL job circular 2018” has recently been offered.With a dream to wind up the bank of decision and to be the most important money related brand in Bangladesh, Eastern Bank Ltd. (EBL) started its voyage in 1992. Throughout the years EBL has built up itself as a main private business bank in the nation with undisputed authority in Corporate Banking and a solid Consumer and SME development motors. EBL’s desire is to be the main monetary administrations supplier, making enduring quality for its demographic, shareholder, workers or more for the group it works in. Career in Eastern Bank-EBL Job Circular 2018 now opening as Research associate / Research analyst . Interested eligible candidates are asked to join and build career in EBL . All information are available on

Latest Jobs link :** Government Bank

**Private Bank

 Eastern Bank  (EBL)  job circular 2018

Eastern Bank Job Circular 2018 has been published. Eastern Bank is one of the best commercial Bank in Bangladesh. Recently published Eastern Bank Job Circular Sales Executive, Cards Division (Trainee Assistant Officer). Eastern Bank Ltd. (EBL) Career to build a long-term sustainable financial institution through financial inclusion.

Eastern Bank delivers optimum value to all stakeholders with the highest level of compliance everywhere now Eastern Bank published Sales Executive, Card Division. As part of its journey to build a winning team currently looking for deserving young graduates as Trainee Assistant Officer. Eastern Bank Job Circular 2018.

Job Position: See Job Advertisement

Job Description: Eastern Bank is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes applications from female candidates. Any persuasion will disqualify the candidature. This job position is a challenging career with superb prospects for ownership and success. Then join Eastern Bank Job Circular Trainee Assistant Officer.

Published Date: September 30, 2018

Application Deadline: October 30, 2018

Job Nature: Full-time

Job Type: Banking (Eastern Bank)

Employment Type: Permanent Job

Eastern Bank Job Circular 2018

Education Qualification & Other Competencies:

4 years graduation in Economics/BBA/MBA/MBMCGPA- Minimum 3 out of 4Excellent communication skills with good computer literacySuccessful candidates will have to sign 3 years’ service surety bond

Job Location: Geographic mobility and flexibility

Compensation & Benefit:

Excellent Career Progression in the most exciting learning environmentEBL offers attractive compensation and benefit packageBecome Senior Officer after 6 months Future Leadership Development programHighly competitive and value-driven culture

How to Apply:  Online apply []

Eastern Bank Job Circular 2018

Candidates will be treated strictly on merit and any sort of persuasion will result in disqualification. Only shortlisted candidates will be communicated. If you are interested in the career with Eastern Bank Ltd. (EBL) then you can register yourself anytime at Eastern Bank Ltd. e-recruitment system by filling Eastern Bank Ltd. online application form. Eastern Bank Job Circular Trainee Assistant Officer, EBL Securities Ltd. (EBLSL). Eastern Bank Job Circular 2018.

Submit your CV and photograph to the email – or or, send updated CV with photograph to Eastern Bank limited Securities Ltd. at  59 Motijheel C/A, First Floor, Dhaka- 1000


Assistant Director (Statistics) of Bangladesh Bank

Position : Assistant Director (Statistics) of Bangladesh Bank

Number of total post : 43

Salary scale : Under National Pay Scale 2015, BDT 22,000-23,100-24,260-25,480-26,760-28,100-29,510-30,990-32,540-34,170-35,880-37,680-39,570-41,550-43,630-45,820-48,120-50,530-53,060

Age as on 18/09/2018 : a. 30 years maximum

b. 32 Years maximum in case of son/daughter of freedom fighter or Handicapped Quota

Educational requirement : Masters degree/ Four year honors degree from a reputed university in Statistics/ Applied Statistics/ Economics and also have minimum two first class/division. Third class/division in any examination will not be eligible.

Pre-requisite : Scanned or Digital print of your passport size photograph & signature

Last date of application : 14/10/2018

Bangladesh University Professionals Job Circular 2018

Bangladesh University Professionals Job Circular 2018 has been published job circular. Bangladesh University Professionals (BUP) has been published many category job title. Assistant Professor Mathematics, Electrical and Electronics engineer, Computer Science and Engineering, this job title are total post 13 of assistant professor. Lecturer of many category total Lecturer post is fifteen 15.

Establishment of a university for the armed forces educational and training institutes was a long felt need. National security, war strategy, medical, engineering and technology related to higher studies are in high demand at present. Bangladesh University Professionals Job Circular 2018.

BUP Job Summary

■ Job Title: Assistant Professor, Lecturer, Protocol Officer, Administrative Officer, Lab Technician.

■ Job Description: Bangladesh University Professionals (BUP) this job position is experienced, talented and technical site.

■ Published Date: September 28, 2018

■ Application Deadline: October 18, 2018

■ Job Nature: Full-time

■ Job Type: University (BUP)

■ Employment Type: Permanent

■ Education Qualification: See Advertisement.

■ Job Experience: See Advertisement.

■ Gender: Both (Male & Female)

■ Compensation and Benefit: See Advertisement.

■ How to Apply:  Apply with full Resume to The Register, Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP), Mirpur Cantonment, Dhaka-1216.

■ Job Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

■ Age Limit: See Advertisement

Bangladesh University Professionals Job Circular 2018

The aim of BUP in to impart higher education in the field of national security, operations of war, medical, engineering and technology with a view to acquire and maintain the equivalence of progressive modern world standard of knowledge in the scientific field and thereby creating a scope for studies and research under a single university (BUP) for the educational and training institutes of the armed forces where both military and civil students can pursue their career. Bangladesh University Professionals Job Circular 2018.

Pubali Bank Limited Jobs circular 2018

Pubali bank limited job circular is a newly offered jobs circular.Pubali Bank constrained is the biggest business bank in Bangladesh. Pubali bank job circular 2018 is a new and important job circular.With the openings for work in 445 branches a vocation with us can take you anyplace in Bangladesh. Wherever you originate from, wherever you need to go, we can offer you energizing vocation open doors the nation over. Drawing in and building up our up and coming era of pioneers is a key need of Pubali Bank Limited. Pubali Bank offers some high quality jobs now and looking for talented , dedicated ,energetic candidates for this circular . Everything is available on only one

Pubali Bank Limited Jobs circular 2018

Pubali bank job circular 2018 has recently been published on our official website named the full circular with details below and then goes to apply if you are interested.

Experience : See inside the Circular.

Vacancy : 85

Job Location : Dhaka

Salary: Negotiable

Application Start:
16 September, 2018

Application End :18 October, 2018

Job Description :

Industry Type:
Private Bank

Functional Area: Any branch in Bangladesh

Role : General Manager, Deputy General Manager, Asst. General Manager, Investment Officer.

Desired Candidate Profile : MBA Degree from any Well known University.

Employer Details
Company name :Pubali Bank Limited

Company website:


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JSC Result 2018 All Board

JSC Result 2018 Dhaka Board. Junior School Certificate (JSC) and Junior Dakhil Certificate (JDC) Exam Result 2018 will be published 30th December 2018. Junior School Certificate (JSC) result 2018 will be published same date and time eight public education boards and one Madrasah education board. Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid made the disclosure at a press briefing at the secretariat.

This year Junior School Certificate (JSC) and Junior Dakhil Certificate (JDC) total of 2,468,820 examinees 1,144,778 males and 1,324,042 females will sit in the Junior School Certificate and Junior Dakhil Certificate examinations, starting from 1st November 2018.

The number of female students has marked a rise by 179,264 this year compared to the previous year, he added. A total of 2,090,277 students – 971,336 males and 1,118,941 females are taking part in the JSC examination while 378,543 examinees 173,442 boys and 205,101 girls – in JDC.

Students from 28,628 educational institutions are sitting for the examinations at 2,834 centers across the country. Of these, exam centers have been increased to 100 while the number of educational institutions has marked a decrease by 133 this time.

Some 96,212 irregular students are taking part in the JSC examination while 14,367  in JDC and the number of special students in JSC is 87,697 while in JDC it is 11,770.

Besides, 959 students will sit in the JSC and JDC in nine overseas centers.

In 2017, a total of 2,412,775 examinees appeared in the JSC and JDC examinations.


JSC and JDC Result 2018

Public Education Board Code Name

SMS Method to Get JSC Result 2018

How to Check Your HSC Result in Iframe

Dhaka Education Board JSC Result

Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid also asked all candidates in JSC and equivalent examinations to enter their examination centers 30 minutes before the test begins. Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid also asked students not to pay heed to any rumor of the question leak.

Welcome to visit my website for JSC and Result 2018 of all public education boards. Dear JSC and JDC Candidates, Greeting from us for getting the latest Update about JSC and JDC Exam Result 2018 under the Education Board Bangladesh.

I will update Total 24 lakh 68 thousand examinees of JSC and JDC Exam 2018 related all information here. Continue to visit my website to get more educational information including JSC Exam Result 2018 and get the searching result fast. To get more information about JSC Exam Result, daily visit my website.

The success rate in JSC and JDC examinations has suffered a significant fall this year.

The pass percentage of the Junior Secondary Certificate and Junior Dakhil Certificate examinations has come down to 83.65 percent, dipping 9.41 percentage points from last year.

In numeric of combined result of JSC and JDC in eight general boards and one madrasa board, a total of 20, 18, 271 out of 24, 82, 342 examinees came out successful in the year, which is 1,65,704 lower than in the previous year.

The numbers of GPA-5 earning students reduced by 55, 960 than the previous year as a total of 1, 91, 628 candidates achieved GPA-5 this year, which was 2, 47,588 last year. In Junior Secondary Certificate (JSC) examinations, a total of 17, 07, 024 out of 21, 03, 763 candidates passed the examinations.

The pass rate hit a record low of 83.10 percent with 1, 84, 397 students securing GPA-5 under eight general education boards across the country, down by 50, 662 from last year.

The pass rate in Junior Dakhil Certificate (JDC) examinations is 86.80 percent, 7.22 percent lower than in the last year. The number of GPA-5 achieving students also has come down to 7,231, decreasing by 5, 298 students from last year.

Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid handed over the copy of the results to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at her Gono Bhaban residence in the afternoon.

The results are available on the websites of the Ministry of Education: Besides, the student can also get their results via short messaging service (SMS).

SMS System for JSC Exam Result 2018: JSC <SPACE> DHA <SPACE> ROLL NUMBER SEND TO 16222

SMS System for JDC Exam Result 2018: JDC <SPACE> MAD <SPACE> ROLL NUMBER SEND TO 16222

The JSC and JDC examinations were held between November 1 and 18. A total of 24, 68,820 students from 28,621 educational institutions appeared in this year’s examinations. Of them, 11, 44,778 are male and 13, 24,042 female. The number of JSC examinees is 20, 90,277 while 3, 78,543 examinees participated in the JDC examination this year. A total of 659 students from nine overseas centers appeared in the JSC examinations.

When will publish JSC Result 2018?

JSC Result 2018 all education board will be published most probability 30th December 2018. Every year JSC and JDC Result published for the month of December. So we hope this year JSC Result 2018 will publish 30th December 2018 (approximately). When published JSC Result 2018 then you can visit my website.

BSCIC Job Circular 2018

BSCIC Job Circular 2018 has been found my website. Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation (BSCIC) has been published Job Circular 2018. Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation are under ministry of Industries. Recently BSCIC announced many category jobs circular.

These jobs circular are applying online. The prime mover organization entrusted with the responsibility of development of small and cottage industries (SCI) in Bangladesh. BSCIC Job Circular is application deadline 16th September 2018. BSCIC Job Circular 2018.

BSCIC Job Summary:

■ Job Title: Chief Designer, Senior Faculty Member, Assistant Chief Designer, Assistant Faculty Member, Administrative Officer, and another post.

■ Job Description: This job position is talented and analyses of the technical and financial proposal of the BSCIC.

■ Published Date: August 10, 2018

■ Application Online Start: August 16, 2018

■ Application Online Deadline: September 24, 2018

■ Job Nature: Full-time

■ Job Type: BSCIC (Government)

■ Employment Type: Permanent

■ Education Qualification: See Job Advertisement.

■ Job Experience: See Job Advertisement.

■ Gender: Both (Male & Female)

■ Compensation and Benefit: As per Government pay-scale.

■ How to Apply:  Apply to online []

■ Job Location: Anywhere in Bangladesh

■ Age Limit: See Job Advertisement

BSCIC Job Circular 2018

Bangladesh Small & Cottage Industries Corporation (BSCIC) was established in recognition of the need for a specialized agency to promote the development of Small, Medium & Cottage Industries (SMCIs) in the manufacturing sector through the provision of advisory services, fiscal and financial assistance. BSCIC Job Circular 2018.

Bangladesh Small & Cottage Industries Corporation (BSCIC) infrastructural facilities, market access, and another support programmer. BSCIC strives to create resilient and efficient SMCIs, able to compete in a liberalized market environment. Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation Job Circular 2018 related all information is found my website.

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