Khulna University (KU) Admission Test Result 2019-20


The admission test of Khulna University was held on November 2, the result of this admission test will be published on November 10. Preparing for the result of this admission test is in progress and you will get the result from the official website of Khulna University, the result will also be published on our site so you can check the result from here also.

Khulna University (KU) Admission Test Result

KU Admission Test Result 2019-2020

This year, around 32,636 students participated in the examination of all the units of the admission test at Khulna University. Khulna University had a total of 1217 original vacancies in all units, and this year around 27 students will fight for each seat. Freedom fighters and tribal quotas are also included in these seats.

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Application Date of Khulna University:

Although the admission test has already been done at Khulna University, its activities started a long time ago. Students had the opportunity to apply for the admission test at Khulna University from September 13 (Sunday) to October 15 (Friday) 2019.

KU A Unit Result 2019-20:

Around 1225 students give the for A unit of Khulna University. The unit’s test will be held from 10:30 am to 12 noon. The subjects under the purview of A unit are the School of Science, Engineering and Technology and the School of Biological Sciences. A unit is limited to only 263 seats.

Khulna University B Unit Admission Result 2019-20:

Khulna University’s B unit has a seat strength of 321 and around 12,533 students have taken the admission test in this unit. Around 39 students will fight each other for each seat in this unit. The subjects under the B unit are the Arts and Humanities School, Social Science School, Law School, and Education School and the unit examinations will be held from 01:30 to 3:00 pm.

Khulna University C Unit Result 2019-20:

Around 4399 students have participated in the C unit and 5 of them did not take the admission test. The subjects under this unit are the School of Management and Business Administration. The unit’s test was conducted from 8 am to 9.30 am.

KU D Unit Exam Result 2019-20:

This is the unit where a minimum number of students have applied and the number is just 50. he seats for this unit are limited to only 20. Around 3 students will fight with each other for each seat. The exam for this unit was conducted from 4 pm to 5 pm. Admission Test Result 2019-20:

Apart from the scheduled seats of Khulna University, this year 2 foreign candidates gave an exam for 20 departments. We have been able to collect this information through the Registrar’s Office and ICT Cell at Lana University. They also mentioned that they did some special arrangements in this year’s admission test.
We hope that this small effort has helped you to know everything about the results of the 2019-20 academic year of Khulna University.